We believe in starting small, focusing on one goal only, developing a real online product that anyone can understand, maintaining flexibility to respond to audience and events. The Web is full of "kitchen sink services" and "service sketches" that do nothing well.

  Collaboration on unheard-of scales is what the medium is all about. We believe in building services that users can take over and make theirs, services that, properly seeded, can and will grow themselves. We believe community-building will be the biggest difference between winners and losers online.

  We believe that the ideal structure and philosophy for a site is one that you can use again and again across different content areas with resulting economies and cross-marketing opportunities. Some say web sites are like tv shows. We say they're more like stores, where franchises rule.

  Not just one site, a collection of "satellites" that can be easily integrated into the programming of hundreds, even thousands of other sites. We believe in the power of online grassroots marketing and in the relentless need to innovate in distribution, not in traditional media buys.

(cot-il-LEE-don) the part of the seed that grows into the leaves and flowers of a plant. All great things online come from small, simple beginnings.