The online medium is cruel to "me-too" offerings. We specialize in the kind of competitive analysis and the combining of baseline features and unique concepts you need to stand out and survive in this chaotic and confusing space.

  We work with top graphic designers from Boston to San Francisco who work in a wide variety of styles. We can manage or consult on your design to insure you get an attractive look and feel that is both functional and memorable; easy to use and hard to forget.

  We work with web site production companies around the country; we can find one that meets your needs and/or manage the production process to make sure you get what you want when you want it.

  We can help you develop and integrate community features, develop a sense of belonging and ownership among your users, recruit and train community leaders. Community-building is now recognized as the key ingredient in site success--and it's a speciality for us.

  We can identify the right sites to work with, position and package your site to them, help get agreements to bring you the traffic you need, develop and run effective online grass-roots programs.
(cot-il-LEE-don) the part of the seed that grows into the leaves and flowers of a plant. All great things online come from small, simple beginnings.