"As an Internet consultant for more than 15 years, it takes a lot to impress me. Tom de Boor's work in the medium has been truly seminal; his involvement in any project gives it instant credibility."
                -- Peter Grunwald, President
                    Grunwald Associates
"Having worked with him while at Scholastic, TCI, and Fertile Ground, I can say Tom de Boor has an intuitive sense about this industry that is unsurpassed and creativity that raises products to heights of excellence."
                -- Eryth Zecher, COO
                    The Fertile Ground Company
"During the last year Tom de Boor has been providing us with advice and analysis for our online business planning. There are few people in the industry with the breadth and depth of experience he brings to the table. I've found him strategically savvy, extremely thorough, and very 'user-friendly'--he has a rare ability to grasp and articulate both the big picture and the details."
                -- Bruce Nelson, Product Manager
                    IBM Consumer Products Division